History and Heritage

North Yorkshire has a rich history that spans thousands of years, with evidence of human activity dating back to the Stone Age.  Uncover the hidden histories when you explore this county’s plentiful heritage sites that pay testament to the turbulent histories they have witnessed.

Today North Yorkshire is home to historic landmarks that span the duration of human activity on the landscape and so evocatively tell the county’s story.

Towns with stories to tell

There are historic market towns and cities aplenty with castles, historic buildings and listed churches at their heart.  Each of these buildings represents a step in the journey of each town.

There are famous landmarks that dominate the landscape including the ruins of several abbeys left to crumble by Henry VIII and magnificent stately homes built by some of North Yorkshire’s famous families.

Museums in North Yorkshire
Bolton Castle in North Yorkshire

Discover the people who made the place

Helping to tell the stories of the shifts in power and wealth, and the people who prospered or suffered as a result is the diverse selection of museums.  Run by dedicated and passionate volunteers and staff these museums highlight the heritage of the county in interactive and immersive ways.

Over the year fantastic heritage events take place across the county including Viking battle re-enactments, 1940s nostalgia weekends and steam rallies featuring the powerful machines of the past.

From the remnants of the Roman occupation to the lasting monuments of the Industrial Revolution, North Yorkshire’s historic landmarks attract millions of visitors each year and will enrich your visit their stories and spectacle.
Arts and Culture Hambleton

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