Yorkshire Dales National Park

The iconic land of dry-stone walls, high hills and picture postcard villages – The Yorkshire Dales is an evocative and romantic location, but dig a little deeper and the Yorkshire Dales is not one single landscape or way of life but a collection of many.
Beautiful views across the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire
  A ‘dale’ is the name given to the steep sided valleys that form this part of North Yorkshire.  Each dale is named, usually after the river that runs along its base and each one is its own character and mood.  From the shape of the hillsides to the character of the villages and the people, even today each of the Yorkshire Dales is unique.  So whether you are on the gentle wide slopes of Wensleydale, or under the towering escarpments of Littondale there is always a sense of place. Across the dales is an undeniable link to the land and the elements, The steep-sided hills throw up dramatic clouds that when the sun bursts through as it so often does, are illuminated to create magical moments that are just for you if you are fortunate enough to witness it.

Discover Nature in the Yorkshire Dales

​The dales are home to an array of wildlife, from the buzzards and falcons that hunt the skies to the hares that race and jump through the fields.  Red squirrels have one of their few sanctuaries in the northwest of the area, providing a rare opportunity to view these characterful and striking mammals in the wild. The Dales are a canvas for exploration, perfect for lovers of the outdoors with a variety of walks, be it alongside a gently meandering river, or tackling one of the ‘three peaks’ for a view like no other.  Some walks are short and simple so you can relax about navigation and just enjoy the day, other provide long remote challenges or stretches of Access Land where you can walk freely all day and barely see another soul.

A quizzical cow in the Yorkshire Dales

Journey through the Yorkshire Dales

Travel the dales by railway, either on one of the heritage lines kept alive by dedicated volunteers or on the famous service between Settle and Carlisle, much loved for the incredible landscape it travels through and the majestic Ribblehead viaduct. Towns such as Settle, Leyburn, and Richmond make great bases for your day out, exploring their historical streets and buildings, shopping in the independent shops and artisan studios or as a starting point for your walk or bike ride.  However you choose to spend your day, you can be assured of delicious local food and produce for your evening meal, whether staying in one of the beautiful holiday cottages or eating out in one of the many restaurants.

The dales have been ever present on our screens, notably with the popular soap Emmerdale which began its life filmed in and around Wharfedale and Littondale and hit film Calendar Girls which was filmed in the same area.  More recent productions include Harry Potter and the popular new production of All Creatures Great and Small.  Experience these locations for yourself and discover why the Yorkshire Dales has a special place in the heart of anyone who visits.

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Walking near Settle, at the Ribblehead viaduct.
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