If you are looking for a break that will improve your wellbeing, kick start those serotonin levels and improve your health too, then head to North Yorkshire.

Whether your idea of a restorative boost is to embrace the great outdoors and blow the cobwebs away, or indulge in sublime relaxation and physical rejuvenation in a luxurious spa – North Yorkshire is the place to feel good.

Choose between beautiful moorland, towering peaks and rolling landscape of the lush dales. You could go walking every day for a year and never tread the same trails.

You can take some time out for yourself to relax and unwind by visiting one of the county’s luxurious spa retreats. Melt away stress and ease your worries with a soothing visit that will leave you refreshed. Indulge in blissful relaxation therapies, blissful beauty treatments and a reviving massage.

Doing your own thing, in North Yorkshire
Relaxing with games, on the North Yorkshire Coast

Enjoy the restful presence of water, whether on a riverside walk or enjoying one of the many routes that encompass one of the reservoirs that can be found amongst the North Yorkshire hills.  On the stunning Yorkshire coast, you can enjoy a peaceful walk along the sea whilst watching the tide gently retreat to the sound of seabirds as they seek the freshly revealed morsels.

North Yorkshire is full of ways to relax and the perfect place to find your wellbeing remedy.


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Relaxing with a friend in North Yorkshire
Discover fascinating things in North Yorkshire
Relaxing views, in North Yorkshire
Taking a spa moment, in North Yorkshire