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Understanding our Destination

Consistent and regular data gathering and analysis is an important piece of work for Visit North Yorkshire and a priority within the new Destination Management Plan.

This work ensures we have the right tools in place to make evidence-based decisions and support the sector with North Yorkshire specific, timely information that is easy to access and understand.

North Yorkshire Perception Survey 2023

​Working with a specialist research agency,  Emotional Logic, some initial online survey-based visitor research was undertaken to start to better understand the visitor and non-visitor profiles for North Yorkshire.

The research examined:

  • Visitor profile​
  • Visitor behaviours​
  • Visitor satisfaction​
  • Destination analysis​
  • Awareness levels ​
  • Brand values and perceptions​
  • Motivations to visit​
The results were both detailed and insightful.  The full report can be viewed below, but a summary of the key points includes:

  • 69% of current visitors come from within the 2-hour drivetime ​
  • 33% only realised they had visited North Yorkshire when shown a map ​
  • Current visitors are satisfied and likely to return (89% rate their visit good/very good and over 95% want to return)​
  • Only 3% of non-visitors have never heard of North Yorkshire ​
  • More than 60% Are open to visiting in the future​

View the full report here

Economic Evaluation

​Historically there has never been a consistent collection of economic data from across North Yorkshire for the tourism sector.

Visit North Yorkshire will now commission regular countywide evaluations using the Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Model (STEAM).  Data for the first report is currently being compiled and will be published this summer, and available on this page.

The STEAM report is an established format and will allow Visit North Yorkshire to examine the performance of our destination year-on-year.

STEAM reports provide many value measurements including:

  • Visitor Numbers
  • Length of average visitor stay
  • Economic Impact for day and overnight visitors
  • Employment
  • regional variance across the county

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